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  • BIO – DJ Ven Meister (Australia)

    Dj Ven Meister, is a passionate Afro-Latin music aficionado and collector of rare groove vinyl based out of Australia, China and Thailand. He has showcased his professional DJ talents across a range of musical genres.

    Dj Ven Meister is widely well known for playing several sub-genres within the Afro-Latin & Tropical music range and popular Afro House, Funk, Soul, Disco and classic House music for any given occasion whether it is a pumping club night or a wild private party, to festive corporate socials or at large festival events.

    At his popular Afro-Latin events Dj Ven Meister, features the best sounds of Mambo, Guaguanco, Salsa 70’s, as well as the modern sounds of popular Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Semba, Reggaeton, Merengue, Cumbia, Latin Hip-Hop and Urban Latin Crossovers rhythms of the present times to keep the floor busy.

    Another prime passion is House Music and Dj Ven does good justice to this genre with soulful beats and upbeat rhythms from around the world cutting new trends and creating engaging musical experiences for listeners, boppers and dancers through his House Syndicate projects which focuses on Afro-Latin crossover rhythms and experimental new boundaries.

    Dj Ven Meister actively works with with other DJ’s, artists and musicians to pre-release their latest albums or singles and to promote music from around the world.

    As part of Latin Collective and House Syndicate project initiatives, Dj Ven Meister is committed to his efforts to spread the spirit of Afro-Latin and House music around the globe through many of his projects​ in several countries.

    You can see him spinning the decks at several venues featuring his sets at various Clubs,
    Afro-Latin festivals and special events around the world.

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