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    来自美国洛杉矶,他已经有10年的舞蹈经验,精通非洲古巴、非洲拉丁和阿根廷探戈。其中非洲拉丁舞包括了 萨尔萨舞、曼波、恰恰恰、巴恰塔和伦巴。作为交谊舞的专家,他曾在美国亚瑟默里未来国标之星锦标赛中获华尔兹和探戈的亚军。他还是跆拳道的黑带二段,荣获 了很多跆拳道锦标赛的冠军。
    Michael曾受教于很多洛杉矶的专业导师。比如“Dancing with the stars”中Tony Devaloni和Liz Lira和“So You Think You Can Dance”的Alex Da Silva和Alien Ramirez.

    Michael Nice comes from Los Angeles California U.S.A. Michael has over 10 years’ experience in all Afro Cuban and Afro-Latin Dance including, Salsa, mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Bachata, Rumba and Argentine tango. Also an expert in Ballroom taking 2cnd place in Waltz and Tango in Arthur Murrays U.S competition Future Stars of Ballroom. Moreover, he is a 2cnd degree black belt and winner of many Tae Kwon Do tournaments. Michael has trained with many Los Angeles instructors such as Tony Devaloni and Liz Lira from “Dancing with the stars”, Alex Da Silva and Alien Ramirez “So You Think You Can Dance”. Michael has performed all over the world from Los Angeles, to China, most recent being Salsamemucho in Shanghai. Michael is a certified instructor and has taught celebrities and working professionals for over 5 years. His easy approach to learning has helped students rise from novice to advance in a few short weeks.

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